Brunner Sanden Deitrick LLC

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Project: New two story office building.
Client: Brunner Sanden Deitrick LLC / ME Osborne Construction
Contractor: ME Osborne Construction
Location: Mentor, OH

Description: FMC Architects, together with ME Osborne Construction, designed this two story office building. While keeping in character with near-by buildings, various Victorian style details came together to create this quaint little office building.

As a result, Lighthouse Advisers committed to leasing the entire first floor before construction started. Therefore, it is anticipated that the second floor will not stay unoccupied for long.

Maximizing the building footprint on such a small site along with buildings on three sides was the first hurdle to overcome. Parking, deliveries and everyday access posed additional challenges.

FMCA really enjoyed working on this project, it truly was a group effort.

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