Published: February 16, 2018

Bottom line; LED Lighting Saves Dollars and Energy.

Over the years, there have been many articles written about LED lighting. So, you don’t need another one to tell you that LED lighting can save on your energy costs. But what this article will do, is show you an example of one real-world project and the LED lighting savings. LED savings are more relevant in large open spaces than let’s say a smaller office space, but all building types will get savings from LED lighting.

I try to get my clients to upgrade, but never had hard proof that it will do much in such a short time frame. Many of my clients feel that payback is 5-10 years and that it is really not that much in savings.

I am giving you the entire report from the manufacturer, so you know what goes into one. The only real page to look at is the first one. Notice the reduced number of fixtures, the number of kW (power) used from existing to new. Read on to the next line, showing the reduction of kWh (kilo-watts hours).

Look at the energy savings in the first year. The replacement lights and install cost $226,390.60. Yes, a lot of money, but look at the break-even point of only 2.8 years. This does not take into account that this facility will get some rebate dollars to help offset the cost once installed.

Every year after the 2.8 mark, the facility will be saving over $82K annually. That is not pocket change.

Feel free to review the rest of the document, but the first page tells it all.

I can now show my clients this real-world report and the impact of the LED Lighting upgrades made.