Published: November 27, 2016

Not all new office trends are for every company. The perimeter office concept is outdated and has almost disappeared in new designs, but that does not mean hard walls are not needed or desired. With many types of businesses there are many layout solutions and only you know your business and needs. Collaborative spaces and open areas are great for team building and may be the wave of the future, but at times we all need to make that private call or have a private conversation.

Architects for example, will always need to layout a set of drawings and work next to their CAD computer with code books and reference materials nearby. Are you really going to move all that stuff everyday or 2-3 times a day to different locations in your office? Probably not. That does not mean that collaborative areas for team meetings, drawing reviews with a colleague or a group design charrette are not desired. These activities would be greatly improved if they are pulled out of closed offices or conference rooms and into a more communal area.

This article (Office Trends for 2017) takes a look at the next level of design elements to be added to the open collaborative office concepts that have been the hot topic trend for the last few years.

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